Entry #4:

Throughout all of space an time there will always be people that will marry someone just to improve their status within society. Mothers want their daughters to live better lives then they themselves had lived. This causes them to teach their daughters the importance of marrying up the social ladder, which in turn will cause the daughter’s wealth to grow. These girls will proceed to teach their daughters about how important it is to improve their social status through marriage, just as their mothers taught them. Thus the cycle shall continue until the end of eternity.

Though it does not occur as much in more developed countries like the United States, Australia, and England due to necessity as opposed to greed.  People that marry for money and increased status are commonly called in developed countries as Gold-diggers, and these actions are frowned upon. Where as in less developed countries the same occurrence  is not seen in a negative light, but just as a woman trying to help to better herself and her family by marrying above her social status.

So when looking into the past we can find that many many women have had rags to riches stories over the years, where they have gained money through marriage. While marriage can improve a woman’s social status and riches it is not possible for a woman, that lives in our world, to improve their lives through magic.


Entry #3:

The original Brothers Grimm tale of “Hansel and Gretel” is somewhat similar to the MGM movie adaption of Hansel and Gretel. Both the fairy tale and the movie take place during the same time period, the children’s trail of dried carbohydrates was eaten by birds therefore leaving the children stranded in the middle of the forest, they find a house made out of sweets in which a witch lives, the children are imprisoned by the witch, and the children defeat the witch by forcing her into her own oven.

Though there are some differences between the movie and the fairy tale. In the movie there is much more of an introduction to the children and their family then there is in the fairy tale. The movie shows the children helping their father with his work by taking the wood into town and selling it to people, in the town the baker gives Gretel a bag of cookie crumbs and doesn’t give the children’s father the amount of money that he is due. The beginning of the movie also helps to let the audience know that the family isn’t rich, but in fact is very poor. Another thing that is different in the fairy tale then in the movie is that the children’s step-mother convinces their father that the only way for him and her to continue to live on the little food that they have left is for the father to take the children out into the middle of the woods and leave them there so that the children won’t eat up all of their food. This is different from what happens in the MGM movie. In the movie the family’s neighbor gives them milk, their mother made a custard and went to gather berries to go with it. While their mother was away Hansel and Gretel started to play, they didn’t notice when the donkey came in and started to eat the custard and drink the milk as they were to caught up in their own tom-fool-a-re. When their mother came back she was so mad at the children that she told them to go out into the woods and not to came back until they ad picked enough berries for the whole family to have a meal.


Entry #8

The cartoon adaption of Little Red Ridding Hood that I found is called “Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, and the Wolf”. It is an animated short from Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony. The short shows what would have happened in the story of Little Red Riding Hood had she met the Three Little pigs on the journey to her Grandma’s house. In the short the two lazy Little Pigs convince Red that she should take the path through the woods to get to her Grandma’s house. While on the other hand the smart and hard working Little Pig tells Red the she should take the longer path to get to her Grandma’s house because even though it might take Red longer to get to her Grandma’s she wouldn’t have to worry bout running into the Big Bad Wolf that lives in the woods. This is different from the original tale because Little Red gets tempted by the lazy Pigs, not the wolf himself. Also Little Red gets warned of the dangers of the forest path by the hard working Pig, not her mother.

Then when Red and the two Little Pigs are traveling to Red’s Grandma’s house the Big Bad Wolf dresses up like a forest fairy in order to lure the two Pigs and Red Riding Hood into trusting him so that the Wolf can eat them. This, however, doesn’t end up working out in the Wolf’s favor. Due to the fact that the tree branch that he had suspended himself from broke and ruined the Wolf’s ruse. Little Red ran off to her Grandma’s house and the two Little Pigs ran back to their brother for help.

The Wolf got stuck in a tree and was unable to apprehend Little Red Riding Hood, so he went to Red’s Grandma’s house in order to catch Red there. Here is another place where this short differs from the story because Red’s Grandma wasn’t eaten by the Wolf. Instead Grandma hide from the Wolf inside of her closet where he couldn’t get to her. Enter Little Red who is again fooled by the Wolf, believing him to be her Grandma. This shows how naive Disney is making Red Riding Hood out to be because she was tricked by the Wolf twice.

In the end Little Red and Grandma get saved by the 3rd Little Pig through very inventive means. If you want to find out how the Wolf gets defeated then you will have to watch the short yourself. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c78fBl41OLc   here is the url)

I found this to be a nice adaption of the story of Little Red Riding Hood because there were more humorous aspects to the short which made in more enjoyable to watch.


Entry #2

Topic: Develop a working definition of a fairy tale based on class discussions, stories and other articles we have read in class. 

          For me a Fairy Tale is a method that people use to explain why things happen the way that they do, or how things came to be. An example of this would be Aesop’s Fables, one of which explains why foxes are such sly creatures. Fairy Tales are also used as a form of entertainment and instilling hope, like what Walt Disney did with his movie versions of Fairy Tales like Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, etc. I believe that Fairy Tales are a way for use humans to express our hopes, thoughts and dreams in a way for others to understand.    



Entry #1:

Questions: Why did you choose this course as your FYS? What are you hoping to accomplish in the seminar? What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?

I chose From Grimm to Disney as my FYS because I have always liked fairy tales ever since I was little and I believe that this FYS will help me to look at them in new ways that I hadn’t thought about before. In this FYS I am hoping to gain better insight on various fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and their Disney adaptations. I guess that I’d have to say that my favorite fairy tale is the Three Little Pigs because it was the bedtime story that my Grammy would tell me before I fell asleep whenever I spent the night at her and Poppy’s house when I was little.