Entry #4:

Throughout all of space an time there will always be people that will marry someone just to improve their status within society. Mothers want their daughters to live better lives then they themselves had lived. This causes them to teach their daughters the importance of marrying up the social ladder, which in turn will cause the daughter’s wealth to grow. These girls will proceed to teach their daughters about how important it is to improve their social status through marriage, just as their mothers taught them. Thus the cycle shall continue until the end of eternity.

Though it does not occur as much in more developed countries like the United States, Australia, and England due to necessity as opposed to greed.  People that marry for money and increased status are commonly called in developed countries as Gold-diggers, and these actions are frowned upon. Where as in less developed countries the same occurrence  is not seen in a negative light, but just as a woman trying to help to better herself and her family by marrying above her social status.

So when looking into the past we can find that many many women have had rags to riches stories over the years, where they have gained money through marriage. While marriage can improve a woman’s social status and riches it is not possible for a woman, that lives in our world, to improve their lives through magic.


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