Entry #8

The cartoon adaption of Little Red Ridding Hood that I found is called “Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, and the Wolf”. It is an animated short from Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony. The short shows what would have happened in the story of Little Red Riding Hood had she met the Three Little pigs on the journey to her Grandma’s house. In the short the two lazy Little Pigs convince Red that she should take the path through the woods to get to her Grandma’s house. While on the other hand the smart and hard working Little Pig tells Red the she should take the longer path to get to her Grandma’s house because even though it might take Red longer to get to her Grandma’s she wouldn’t have to worry bout running into the Big Bad Wolf that lives in the woods. This is different from the original tale because Little Red gets tempted by the lazy Pigs, not the wolf himself. Also Little Red gets warned of the dangers of the forest path by the hard working Pig, not her mother.

Then when Red and the two Little Pigs are traveling to Red’s Grandma’s house the Big Bad Wolf dresses up like a forest fairy in order to lure the two Pigs and Red Riding Hood into trusting him so that the Wolf can eat them. This, however, doesn’t end up working out in the Wolf’s favor. Due to the fact that the tree branch that he had suspended himself from broke and ruined the Wolf’s ruse. Little Red ran off to her Grandma’s house and the two Little Pigs ran back to their brother for help.

The Wolf got stuck in a tree and was unable to apprehend Little Red Riding Hood, so he went to Red’s Grandma’s house in order to catch Red there. Here is another place where this short differs from the story because Red’s Grandma wasn’t eaten by the Wolf. Instead Grandma hide from the Wolf inside of her closet where he couldn’t get to her. Enter Little Red who is again fooled by the Wolf, believing him to be her Grandma. This shows how naive Disney is making Red Riding Hood out to be because she was tricked by the Wolf twice.

In the end Little Red and Grandma get saved by the 3rd Little Pig through very inventive means. If you want to find out how the Wolf gets defeated then you will have to watch the short yourself. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c78fBl41OLc   here is the url)

I found this to be a nice adaption of the story of Little Red Riding Hood because there were more humorous aspects to the short which made in more enjoyable to watch.


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